Reflections for 2017

Here we are ~ the end of another year of activities, events, victories, defeats, hopes, plans, some realized, some not ~ the beginning of a new year filled with hope, some trepidation, the ability to start with a clean slate, and the opportunity to grow and learn.

I have pretty much eradicated the making of New Year’s Resolutions from my life. Not so much that I think it’s a bad thing, but I have found that it is an easy way for me to experience a defeat fairly early in the year and I’d like to avoid the disappointment.

What I have found to bring success regarding changes for the coming new year is to journal my thoughts so that I am able to aim my focus on some important areas in my life and ask God for wisdom to know what to replace or add that will be the best use of my time, energy and resources.

After careful review of these important areas, I reflect on how I can learn, grow and more positively impact each area by making better choices or simply continuing with some that are working well. This is a good time for a chat with a close friend or mentor to determine what to embrace, fine tune or remove. This has proven to be very helpful for me.

I want to make it a priority to spend time reflecting over my life and thinking on the many blessings I have been given. A new year full of new beginnings always gets me excited! I love that ‘clean-slate-start-fresh’ feeling.

Whatever your year-end or new year tradition, I hope you will allow your heart and mind to find a quiet place to rest, reflect and be refreshed. As you scan the horizon of 2017, remember that living a life of thankfulness for all God has done and will do prepares you to face each challenge with an optimistic determination that it will work together for good. And consider it preparation for whatever lies ahead.

I look forward to all the new year brings! May yours be the best you could imagine!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach and Realtor on The Geyer Home Team in Savannah, Georgia.

Encourage Enlightenment 

Each of us has a powerful message in our hearts. God ignites a candle in all of us. Once we come to the understanding of ‘why’ we are here, our pursuit becomes to find the ‘what’ that we are to be doing. 

We often have big dreams of doing great things! We imagine the view from the top and it is the finished project and in our ‘vision’ it is fabulous. Then we roll up our sleeves to begin the grunge work. Not as delightful as our envisioned view from the top!

How do we gain and retain the motivation to stay the course? To build the house, write the book, start the business, make the long term commitment? 

I believe we do this by encouraging the process of enlightenment in our lives. We begin the process of establishing the small, often simple, daily habits that lead to success in our endeavors. This will be a different recipe for each of us based on our unique desires and personality. It’s the variety of life that opens us up to be enlightened. 

These habits are established by drawing a firm line in the sand and determining our willingness to do whatever it takes to experience the growth we each need on a personal level. This is the grunge work! 

To be successful in implementing our daily plans (the series of simple daily habits), we must first breakthrough our resistance to the things that will be diabolically opposed to our success. These will be different for everyone because each one of us is a unique individual. 

These little “oppositions” may come in the form of negative attitudes, self-berating words, limiting beliefs, fear and doubt, laziness, believing the things about ourselves that come from an internal or external critical evaluator, and a possible myriad of other factors. 

Finding the support and encouragement we need requires pro-activity. This involves putting one foot in front of the other and diffusing every thought, word or behavior that begs to do otherwise. 

Another much needed addition to our lives to be our best (read: ‘our best’ NOT ‘the best’ – usually a fear or characteristic that impedes growth and success), is accountability. Allowing ourselves to build strong and trustworthy relationships helps us set in motion the relational capital with significant relationships, whereby, we give permission to someone to raise the questions that help us to stay on track. 

This whole picture equates to living the authentic life God has designed for each of us. Authenticity requires vulnerability and transparency. No more hiding and deceiving ourselves about the what, when, way and how our best life can happen!

As we live in authentic relationship with others, and they see our willingness to truly be ‘who’ we are, we give them permission to be who they are as well. 

This is what I like to call ‘Encouraging Enlightenment’. 

If we give and receive acceptance and freedom to be the person we truly are (requires relinquishing what isn’t working), we give others the gift of strength to step into a growth plan that affords them the same opportunity. 

Acceptance and freedom from pretense and judgment are key players in learning to live our best life. We create that for ourselves but not by ourselves, by choosing to lay down our resistance and step into the growth process. 

And why, you ask. Because our relationships, work, business, and our world, will only grow as much as we do! 

What is it that may be hindering you from your best life? Find your encouragement and be open to enlightenment. 

You will never be the same! And you can thank yourself later 😊

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach and Realtor on the Geyer Home Team in Savannah, Georgia.

Busy with What Really Matters

Being busy feels good and perhaps, productive. Busy may actually feel so good that it becomes the goal. This becomes problematic if you desire to accomplish what you have set out to do.

A bigger issue may be that you choose to busy yourself with meaningless efforts in order to avoid the difficult, more important jobs. Being busy can be an excuse to waste a lot of time.

Plenty of tasks can occupy your time. It may be that there is plenty that you need to do and your aimless busyness causes you to trade the important for the urgent.

The challenge is to spend your time in a way that enriches life by allowing you to serve and advance the efforts you love and care most about… which requires prioritizing.

Hold yourself to a high standard by making sure that you are working on meaningful things. Not only is that approach more satisfying, it is much more rewarding.

And you will trade up from simply “feeling” good to truly impacting people and projects for the greater good!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach and Realtor on The Geyer Home Team in Savannah, Georgia. 

Simple Wisdom & Simplified Living

Merry Christmas to You! I hope that 2016 has been an amazing year for you! And if it has been a difficult one, I pray that there have been great moments that help you balance out the trials you may have faced.

My life has taken many turns this year, keeping up with the normal pattern of the last couple of years. Since moving to Savannah in September of 2015, we’ve had many good moments and also, quite a few challenging days.

My mom has moved from her Memory Care Assisted Living into our home and we are enjoying many moments with her. Most all of them are great and very rewarding. Sometimes, we’re back to parenting 🙂 We are thankful that it is working out and for some very special caregivers that can help when we need to call them.

I hope that you have noted that I have been doing some site updates recently and that you find them favorable.

Please note that I will continue to write regarding simple wisdom with additional perspectives regarding simplifying the complexity of life and eliminating the chaos.

The new site address is simply my name and the trademarked title is “A Simplified Life”. I would love to have your thoughts and ideas on ways you have mastered simplifying important areas of your life. Please share them as you desire. I also enjoy your comments and I welcome them!

May 2017 be your best year yet!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom

Nuggets of Simple Wisdom

In honor of my mom’s 75th Birthday today, I thought I would repost something I wrote 4 years ago as a tribute to so much wisdom that I’ve gained from my mother and my grandmother before her. It’s lengthy and hopefully enlightening!

a simplified life™

Today is a brand new day with new mercies. Your life is a blank piece of paper. How will you fill it?

Confrontation that seeks to clear the air and restore peace is in making the effort to listen to a person share their thoughts and feelings.

True relationship means identifying with someone in thought, heart and spirit. It is a rare but beautiful gem.

Whenever you are in doubt, don’t.

When I allow the Truth of God to settle the issues in my life, I am confident when otherwise I would be confused, peaceful not pressured.

Words are only part of communication; the real impact of a message comes from body language and the way in which the message is presented.

Fear often prevents us from trying. It’s easier to navigate if we are at least moving.

Finding value in life’s difficulties often results from asking the right questions……

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It’s the Little Things…

While it may be tempting to believe that people only pay the most attention to the “big” things we say or do, in reality, it is the little things that shape our character and help others determine who we are. The kind of image we present to the world is often determined by our actions, comments, attitude, behavior and even appearance. These little things are often observed within the first few seconds of meeting someone, as well as when the unplanned event happens in our lives.

18 simple little things you can measure that can have a huge impact. 

1. Dress the part.  The appearance of our clothes, hair, shoes, etc., can make a difference in the way we are perceived . Consider those you will be meeting with on any given day, and make an effort to demonstrate that you value the time you have with them.

2. Be on time.  Being late gives others the opportunity to judge you without you even being there. If you say you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, then be there at that time or communicate in a timely manner. (This is an area that I need improvement).

3. Keep your word. Down the road, if you don’t follow through, the comfort that person felt turns into discouragement, frustration and even anger. If you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it. If you do make a promise, do everything you can to keep it.

4. Respect others.  This includes all people regardless of the level of relationship that you have with them, as especially requires a concerted effort for those who have differing opinions or actions. If you look for attributes you respect in people, you will find them.

5. Say, “Please,” and, “Thank you”.  Small words. Lots of mileage. Expressing your gratitude to people for each act of kindness you receive, however big or small, shows that you see the good in people.

6. Smile often. Smiles are contagious and often will remind others that there are things to be grateful for and that life is good.

7. Be faithful to your partner. By being honest and true with your partner, you are showing that you know where your priorities are. You understand what it means to be in a healthy relationship. This holds true for relationships and business.

8. Speak clearly and make eye contact. Affirm the person you’re talking try letting them know you value the conversation and are engaged in the discussion.

9. Use humor. Used appropriately, humor can lighten the mood and bring people down from a tense state.

10. Greet people with a handshake or hug. Use the appropriate greeting to employ a warm and welcoming environment.

11. Be authentically You. Know what you want out of life and do everything you can to achieve it. Enthusiastically encourage that for others.

12. Listen to others.  Actively listen to what others are saying and resist the urge to craft your response while they are still talking.

13. Perform acts of kindness.  Open doors for others, get a neighbor’s mail while they are away, bring dinner to someone who is sick or just had a baby.

14. Be organized.  Schedule your day and know where you keep items at home, work, and in your car, etc. Life is less complicated when you aren’t constantly missing appointments or searching for needed items.

15. Compliment people.  Genuinely look for the good in others and make the time to let them know you noticed.

16. Be positive and focus on the good. Look for a solution instead of focusing on the problem.

17. Move past hurts.  Choose to let go of things people may say or do whether purposefully or accidentally. Confront in kindness when necessary. It is much more freeing than reacting in anger or becoming resentful.

18. Own up to your mistakes.  When you make a mistake, admit it, own up to it, do what you can to fix it and move on.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom

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What’s On Your THANKFUL List?

It occurred to me recently that the things that I am most thankful for in my life have changed quite a bit over the years….

Today, I am thankful for….

*the one who thought she couldn’t get home for the holiday and now will be able to…

*friendships old and new…

*opportunities that I can choose from…

*an amazing hubby, daughters, mom and extended family that remind me of a future of promise…

*the ringing bells and twinkling lights that bring wonderful memories of Christmases past, peace for the present, and bright hope for the future…

*that my Grown-Up Christmas List is more about things that bring lasting joy, than the earlier versions that were mostly all about me…

And, I am most thankful for Jesus, in whom God used as a way in a manger that provided a way to the cross for me….


Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Speaker, Wife and Mom.

Enjoying NOW While Aspiring for a Better Life…

I recently had a conversation with a woman who is unhappy with her life for various reasons, debt, feeling lonely and separated from significant relationships, in a job she doesn’t like, in a town she is ready to leave.

I asked what ideals she has that her current life isn’t meeting. She reflected for awhile and said she would like to start her own business doing something that she’s passionate about and develop healthy relationships with friends who care about her.

These are great things to aspire to …  a great way to be content in the present is by looking for things about ourselves and our life that we appreciate NOW! By accepting the reality and goodness in where we are, rather than comparing our present life to our ideal life, we can be content and enjoy the moments we are given.

The comparison, the ideals, can cause dissatisfaction. When I look at any moment, even uncomfortable ones, I find that there is a lot to be thankful for, appreciate, discover and love.

I am not suggesting that we give up our ambitions and aspirations. It’s only difficult when we attach too tightly to them, and then we can become unhappy with the present.

My mom has often quoted Dr. Wayne Dyer in saying, “Be open to anything, attached to nothing”. I think this bears reflecting and considering how liberating it can be.

When we loosen our ideals we can find a place of peace. This becomes a stronger place to take action towards our aspirations … we can find work we can be passionate about, relationships that are meaningful, or whatever we desire to pursue. This can then come from a place of acceptance with our current life and a desire to do something good for ourselves, as opposed to the constant energy drain of feeling discontent.

The Simple Steps: Notice when you feel dissatisfaction. Notice ideals that you may be holding too tightly. Relinquish the grip on these ideals, and consider your present moment.
Really see it with a willingness to discover the good, and find something to appreciate. Accept where you are, realizing that all things in life are in perpetual change. From this place of peace, respond, take action. It might be toward an aspiration, or not, but it’s a response from a good place.

Remember joy is a journey, not a destination… Enjoy this day! 

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Wife and Mom

Being in Control ~ Real or Illusion

Letting go of the need for control is one of the (many) things I have to consistently work on to achieve positive results.

My default setting is that I want to feel in control of how things will turn out — control of a trip that I’m on, of a project I’m handling, how a conversation will go or even getting my dogs to “go” in a timely manner..

Often, it becomes more frustrating than the way I had imagined it could be ~ IF I were truly in control.

For starters, I don’t think we can ever really control how things will turn out. We might think we do, but how often do things actually turn out exactly the way we’ve planned?

I know my life has been a series of unexpected outcomes, despite my best intentions to get to certain goals. Even the goals that I reach turn out to be much different once I achieve them than I had originally planned.

This has mostly been the case for this year — 2015. When we rolled over into a new year on January 1, I had no idea what this year would bring… health concerns for my mom resulting in 19 trips to Savannah so I could handle things in her best interest, the sale of our home in Roswell, a relocation and relaunch of our Real Estate Careers in Savannah, and a myriad of smaller less notable but certainly definable changes. Had I known, I may have rolled over and covered up my head :).

Through this journey, I’ve found that when I want to control the outcome of things, I become more anxious and tense. I’m less happy with how other people do things, less happy with myself, and less relaxed in the moments that I ordinarily would be able to enjoy. My relationships and responsibilities suffer because I am preoccupied with how I “think” things ought to be or how they ought to turn out.

So how do I deal with this reoccurring struggle? What I am discovering is that I am unable to stop myself from wanting to control things. I can’t even stop the urge to control outcomes from coming up in me. So I have to just notice the desire to control things, and let the urge happen. I have learned that I don’t have to act on urges that arise in me, especially if they are truly not the best for me or for the ones most important to me.

I’ve found this to be easier said, than done. My goal is to remind myself to see the urge, not as a command that I am required to follow, but simply a suggestion from the child within me. I can then be aware to look for the good things that can come from the situation, even if it’s uncontrolled. I don’t need to control things to enjoy them, I can just let them happen.

That said, I still take action. There are things I can control that have a positive effect on me and hopefully, on those important to me. I can look up information regarding a trip I’ll be taking simply because I’m curious and can then be aware of what opportunities may be available to me on a new adventure. I can be free to let conversations flow naturally. And my furry friends can take their leisure in enjoying being outside without me pressuring them to “hurry up”. These are all simply stress-management exercises from which I can greatly benefit.

I can experience the freedom of letting go when I realize I have a choice: I can choose to try to control the outcome, or I can trust in the moment.

I choose trust.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Wife and Mom