The Search for Security and Significance: The Journey Home…

The perpetual search that we are on is that of security and significance. It is the sense that we have roots and a purpose. It’s a place we long for where we belong. Many of us do not have a physical place that we can drive to that was our childhood home. Yet, we feel empty and desirous to have that secure feeling. In actuality, what we are seeking is a sense of belonging; a place where we fit.

In our mobile societies in America, we often relocate to new jobs, houses, cities, etc. We go home to visit parents and / or family once or maybe twice each year. In that few days or weeks, we try to fuel our tanks with something that will give us hope, strength, healing, encouragement, or maybe just a sense of normal. Sometimes the journey is helpful. Sometimes it opens up an abundance of questions that we may find are difficult to solve or resolve. Sometimes we make the trip with dread, simply feeling obligated to see the family. All in all, the journey is one we need to take for a variety of reasons.

For healing and strength, and to be what we can be in this life, we need to look back on the reality of what our childhood was with our adult eyes. We may need to ask some questions. We may need to seek some answers, or offer or ask for forgiveness or perhaps just reach a place where we don’t blame the generation before us for everything that is wrong in our lives.

Delaying the journey may keep us suspended in a state of feeling stuck and unable to move on or forward with life. This can manifest in many different ways: an overwhelming sense of discontentment, destructive relationships, overwork, alcohol or drug abuse, anxiety, overspending, anger, control and a repeated feeling of panic every time you’re faced with a similar situation that causes us to be fearful.

The reality is that in life we each have to make the “Prodigal” journey where we leave the nest and the comfort zone of what ever our childhood reality was and go out to make our mark on the world and meet our appointments with life. Our independence emerges in our teens as we try to discover just who we are and why we are here. This phase continues in our lives until we have worked through to establishing an intimate relationship and an individual faith in God.

Before we can master this phase, we must learn that the difficult things in our lives are there for a reason. They are for our growth, maturity and discovery of the path that leads us to the understanding of God’s great love for us.  The void we feel in our lives is one that can only be filled by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, His Son. Nothing else will bring mental stability and well-being, or a sense of security and significance.

Applying this knowledge with the habit of connecting with others of like-minded faith, allows us to come to depend that God is always for us and for what is best for us and that He is never going to leave us. It is both thrilling and liberating to know that we will always be in His care and He will always work all the drama in our lives together in a tapestry that leads to the good that only He can provide. We trade our sorrow, emptiness, pain, and broken dreams, and He gives us perfect love, peace and a security that surpasses all understanding.

This journey to our sense of belonging (our true home) may last for weeks, months, years or decades. It depends solely on our coming to terms with the fact that we are: a)not God; b) not in control; and c)not left to fend for ourselves in a life with no purpose.

Once these facts are firmly established in our minds, we can begin the part of the journey that leads us to maturity, commitment, purpose and fulfillment.

The path is open to us all ~ the beginning of wisdom is a surrendering of all we ever thought we would or could be to a God who fashions us into all we could ever hope to be!

Make your reservation to meet with Him soon and find the path that will bring you home.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom


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