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Live Simply: Holiday Life Balance

Ahh, the Holidays are here! This time can be great, and stressful, trying to put it all together. It’s blended families, extended families, some who come early, some who get in just under the wire and this can make planning difficult. We are so busy with so much to juggle that we feel out of control.

Maybe there are some simple things that brighten your world. Perhaps a favorite candle that you can enjoy. The fragrance may bring back special memories. Maybe it’s listening to holiday music or baking cookies and pies or calling old friends or sending cards.When it comes to preparations, find the path of peace. Do what you can do, and allow others to pitch in or bring items they have prepared. Reserve the energy you need to enjoy! Buying a ready made dish and adding your special touches is totally acceptable. Most of the expectations around what and how we do something are simply our expectations based on our family traditions.It is easy to lose energy and motivation because we add more projects to an already overbooked lifestyle. Have you stopped to think about the value it adds to your life to do a little something extra just for yourself? It makes it a whole lot easier and enjoyable to complete the tasks when you are rested and refreshed.Giving of ourselves can bring such reward. Time or gifts do not have to be elaborate or all-consuming. More importantly, let them come from the heart. Then they are something you really want to put your “heart” into.If you have guests in that offer to help, it’s okay to let them. You don’t have to be Super Elf. Folks can feel bad if they are simply sitting around while the host is running around trying to work it all out for everyone. Balance your time so that when you have some free time you still have energy to connect with loved ones. They are visiting to see you. Enjoy the moments that are the memories you will look back on for years to come.

This year take the opportunity to bring back the true meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s about the gift of investing in the ones we care about. It’s a conscious effort to recognize that Christmas is a reminder of the Christ Child, God’s greatest gift given for us. Let us lift our hearts and receive the gifts of peace and joy, freedom, safety, a place we belong and the meaningful moments that will bring a smile each time we remember.

So this season, choose one last gift. It’s a gift for you. Deliberately choose the way that reflects that which is in your heart. Your loved ones will notice and you will enjoy the freedom. Be intentional and enjoy each moment!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom


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