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Kindness & Respect: Key to Happy Relationships

* Being really good friends is a gift

* Laugh at yourself; don’t take yourself too seriously; you will become much easier to be around

* Kindness is one or the primary ingredients in nourishing a warm feeling between two people

* Kindness is about treating your partner and others the way you would like to be treated.

* Kindness practiced daily is key to a lifetime partnership.

* When your heart is open and you’re sharing your love with others, you’ll draw love of all kinds in your direction

* Pausing a moment when our partner is finished speaking to think before we speak is the essence of having a loving relationship that doesn’t have to be so complicated.

* The characteristics that define a loving relationship are a loving heart, thoughtfulness, generosity, a lack of jealousy, kindness, shared values, trust, integrity, etc. Own your own stuff.

* Happy, non-frustrated couples tend to do things their own way and make up their own set of rules. Instead of looking over their shoulders to see if they are getting approval from others, they discover for themselves what brings them joy, and they live their lives their own way.

* When you respond with love, you’re in a position to experience loving interaction and a successful partnership. You’ll be non-defensive, non-reactive and accepting. You will find that everything important in your relationship will auto-magically fall in place, including the difficulties.

* Love heals. When you respond with love, your partner respects you, loves you, wants to be with you, and wants you to be happy. Responding with love helps your partner to see his or her flaws w/o feeling defensive or threatened. Respond with love and all will be well.

* If your partner isn’t free to share his dreams with you w/o criticism, he will stop sharing – guaranteed. If you can’t share your fears w/o being lectured, you’ll turn to others who will listen.

* There is tremendous freedom that comes with the acceptance of change. Embracing change means that you stop demanding that life be anything other than it really is in the moment.

* When you over-analyze anything that bothers you, you’ll end up a little discouraged, frustrated or angry. As you back off negative thinking, your irritation begins to diminish and your loving feelings will return.

* A happy person is more likely to be easier to be with, a better listener, a more passionate lover, more inclined to share in the joy of others, more giving and compassionate and more likely to make decisions that enhance the quality of a relationship.

* Sharing your dreams, hopes, and desires with each other deeply connects two people.

* When your heart is filled with love, your partner will sense it, drop his defenses and usually return to a more loving feeling.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom

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