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Simplicity: How Less Becomes More

One of the greatest freedoms I’ve come to experience is trading off the complicated for the simplistic. I’ve read that to the one who is given much, there will be much required. Living a life of simplicity became a pursuit for me to embrace that “less is more”.

My reasoning on this is that I can adopt the philosophy of Chickfila Restaurants. They do one thing, chicken, and they do it well! Sure they’ve added condiments and two ways to cook it and great lemonade and tea, and don’t forget the brownies. But they have focused on one task and have mastered it. It’s simple and delicious!

I’ve realized through this and other models that the times in my life when I get away or take a walk or escape in a great book, I am enjoying the beauty of simplicity.

By simplicity, I am not implying that everyone should downsize to a two room cabin and live off the land, although my husband, outdoors man that he is, would probably find that to be a cool idea.

No, for me simplicity is managing my life well and simply. Letting people handle their business. Inviting and including family and friends and not holding the proverbial gun to their head if they don’t make Christmas dinner at 1 pm sharp or remember to get my birthday card to me on time.

It’s packing light, in luggage and baggage. It’s having enough fluff in my schedule to be spontaneous if I choose to be. It’s having less for me to dust and more time to enjoy the things I love.

In my work as a life coach, I have found a common link between having cluttered lives, disordered hearts and overall, higher than required maintenance in life to be the enemy of creativity and motivation. This is certainly not true of everyone, but definitely true for me personally.

I value time for fireside chats, walks, catching sunsets, reading, and a host of other activities that require no carry on bags, except maybe some “perfumed” coffee with real cream. While every moment and every day cannot be filled with leisure, simple and often pleasures keep me balanced and having the ability to manage my routine.

Simple living has afforded me the extravagant pleasure of being intentional in the moment with the people I choose to invest my life in. I feel that I can afford the time to really listen and learn. I can sincerely rejoice or weep in the moments that are defining in the lives of others.

I have learned through my experience that the best time I spend each day is praying that God directs each decision and encounter I will face today. I feel better equipped to show up and get into the game. I am alerted to little moments of cool happenings that I may have otherwise overlooked.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom


5 thoughts on “Simplicity: How Less Becomes More

  1. Well said, Sheri, well said! This is exactly what I have been living and continuously striving for in the last few years (It really is a process, isn’t it?). As I continue to focus on the important relationships in my life: God, family, friends, etc., I am frequently reminded of how inconsequential some of my previously valued “prizes” really are.

    Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of simplicity.


  2. Great post, Sheri! 🙂 I definitely agree and in my heart long to live a simple life…however, I’m still in the process of letting go of all of the things that are making it not-so-simple. This post was a great reminder!


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