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Growing Wise: My Child, My Teacher, My Friend…

For Angel, my lovely girl with the heart and tenacity to go the distance;    For AnnaLynne, my darling girl who throws the dart and then draws the bulls-eye;      For Rachel, my sweet baby girl who says, “Mom, are you watching?”

From the moment we first met, I was holding you — you were gazing with eyes not yet focused, until this moment when I watched you fly from the nest to make your appointments with life, being your mom has been the most rewarding, fearful and joyful adventure. It has shaped all of who I am today. I have determined that it is you who has been the teacher, and I, the student.
In the beginning, you were so small and seemingly fragile, I could sit and just stare at how perfect you were, little fingers and toes, toothless grin, and eyes that twinkled each time they connected with mine. You could out-endure me 10 to 1. In the first few month’s of your life, I wondered if I’d ever get a full night’s sleep or a hot meal again.

You begin making sentences, with “Why, Mama?” Later in your teen years, you said “Why not, Mom?” Your stream of endless questions kept your thirst for life as a continual quest. You never tired of learning and growing and exploring and dreaming and creating. All I had to do was comment that I wasn’t sure how or if a particular thing could work to set you in motion. You put your heart into the things you are passionate about. This is one of many big lessons I have learned from you. Be passionate about what and who you love!

Even before you could speak, your eyes asked questions and your tiny hands reached to touch, learn, taste and see. I would stop to teach you numbers, letters, animals, colors, textures, foods, shapes, trees, flowers, stars, and clouds. We read books and you became the much-loved characters. Your imagination was infinite. You would lead, and I would follow. I grew so much more aware of the world around me through your eyes. Christmas and other celebrations developed more depth as a result of me watching you watch with wonder!

You taught me to view life as a series of miracles each day. You taught me trust, delight, and hope. You gave my life meaning and purpose. You held a mirror before each of my attitudes and you role-played all my reactions. You became the reason for me to make better choices, to mean what I said, to live what I believe, and to internalize all that is good in my life. It is you, who connected the dots for me. In a sense, I grew up right along with you. I wanted to be more like you.

I understood why God said that to get into heaven, I would need to become as a little child. I learned that your spontaneous way of doing life was so much more freeing than the legalistic and controlled way I had attempted to live it. You wiped away the dust from my daily routine and colored the common things with natural freshness and with the shower of your giggles and laughter. You made things new and gave me a reason to be myself again, to live authentically.

You gave me eyes to appreciate and see the value in people, whether they were aged or from different cultures. You saw the beauty in the plain and creativity in those timid or challenged.

I cheered as you learned to crawl, toddle, walk, run, swim, dance, ride a bike and drive a car. I watched you grow tall, walk alone, run from evil, dance for joy, endure the difficult times and press on when you felt like giving up. I have waited while you crossed the road, cried while you left to move across the country and prayed while you crossed the ocean. In fact now, all I can do for you is to simply be there, because you have grown into the most beautiful young woman, not so much my child, but now, my friend.

You taught me that love is my commitment to the welfare of another. You are the reason that it all makes sense for me now. I love you!

Your Forever Fan, Mommi =)

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom


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