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Life’s Biggest Fear and Your Options …

From my work, I have concluded that the biggest fear in life is …

Fear of Conflict!
It can be conquered by doing the things feared one step at a time until one can have a series of successful experiences to draw from.

Avoiding conflict has to be more painful than facing it. Facing the conflict has to be more pleasurable than avoiding it.

The biggest difference between a person who enjoys success and peace and those who don’t is basically determined by how committed he or she is to managing conflict and resolution.

7 Options You Have in Dealing With Conflict
-Avoid it
-Give in
-Be passive-aggressive
-Bully the other person
-Resolve by problem-solving together
-Resolve and grow by honoring the other person

Resolving conflict in your life is the pathway to intimacy, growth and peace in all of your relationships!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Mentor, Wife & Mom


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