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Secrets to Growing Successfully …

~ Fear is the biggest hindrance to stepping out toward success. It is mental and emotional and can be eliminated. Convert fear to energy by changing thoughts; it is not about the #s or the $$. It’s about being my best.

~ Whenever you purpose to become your best at whatever you do — everything else will show up!

~ The Secret to Success is to Work Hard!

~ Don’t worry about the words or technique — concentrate on the message. Work to make the content compelling.

~You become what you think about all day long.

~Cultivate a minimum of 20 minutes every morning of “think time” to quietly reflect on lessons learned or challenges overcome. Read something from the Bible or an inspirational devotional to renew your mind.

~In meetings and networking, seek immediate engagement by asking questions about the other person.

~Thinking you can and being prepared brings self-confidence. You must have a belief in whatever it is that you do that is so strong that it is impossible to penetrate.

~ Think about creating and keeping loyal clients. Even in groups, it’s all about one on one.

~ You must adopt the belief that a client is better off for having met with you.

~ To enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, we must love what we do and be prepared for each meeting with clients.

~ To get better at marketing day by day, consider that it is a daily journey toward a bigger goal. This is the “science of selling / marketing”.

~ Ask questions that requires others to think. Engaging people at a emotional level is foundational for building authentic relationships.

~People want to know how they can produce, profit and succeed. Be an excellent resource for those in your sphere of influence.

~My job is to uncover motives of why people need coaching and know the answers to each one.

~Ask questions that engage emotions to discover the barriers [unspoken risks] that people experience.

~ Questions are the heart of building a relationship. Ask and then invest time listening. The right questions will aid in determining the right results.

~ Fear is best overcome by preparedness.

~ We can’t truly succeed and fully enjoy it, unless we’ve had a few failures.

~ Develop network skills. Go to where clients are. Pick a charity and invest yourself.

~ Social media is the industry to watch. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are making a huge impact in influencing how people are determining their needs, wants and purchases. The key is to have something of value to say that can influence decisions.

~ Add pizzazz to voicemail. Decide to be willing to be / do the best you can.

~ Provide info that assist clients in determining their success.

~Writing is the key to the Law of Attraction; be prepared to inform those who are seeking answers.

~ To serve is to rule. Talk to your clients like you would to your grandma.

~Find something personal that speaks to people and make every effort to do something memorable.

~The better the relationship, the better the listening.

~How do I feel about myself? Do I win or whine? My attitude about me determines how successful I can become.

~I need to cultivate a great attitude, a deep belief in, and love for, what I do, continual preparedness, self-confidence and the ability to be a continual student.

~The person who knows how will always have a job; the person who knows the why will always be the leader.

~Don’t quit too soon! Become the best you can be. First Class is a person not a seat!

~Loving what I do makes every day a holiday.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Mentor, Wife & Mom

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