Tapping into the Best You …

Although not born a prince, Alexander the Great conquered and ruled the world. He achieved greatness because Aristotle taught him how to build the confidence to grasp success and run with it. It is no coincidence that Aristotle learned from another great man, Plato. Plato learned from Socrates …

How does this impact you? You greatly increase your chances of making the best decisions by brainstorming ideas with someone you trust before moving forward. A coach helps you see things you are missing, affirms whatever progress you have made, tests your perceptions and lets you know how you are doing.

Coaching provides a means of clearing out ambivalent feelings and uncertainties. It allows for moving negative energy from within because verbally expressing or processing your thoughts helps you determine feelings you have that are linked to assumptions. Most of what we fear is based on negative assumptions that may or may not be true. Opening up about feelings, insecurities, dreams and fears in an environment of safety, confidentiality, and encouragement, absent of judgment allows trust and confidence to be built.

It is difficult to be completely honest with ourselves on every level. Engaging a coach provides an honest and safe sounding board for you. Without the aid of a trusted person our conversations would be going on internally. This negative inner self talk spirals down into a conversation of justifying and explaining why we shouldn’t do something. Controlling our inner self talk takes great skill. Having the benefit of a trusted coach aids in building the skills to weigh perspectives as one looking through a prism with access to many angles and options for consideration.

A coach asks questions that direct a conversation outward and allows us an opportunity to explore what we are thinking and feeling and gain clarity as to where we are going. This allows a safe and supportive space to test ideas and thoughts. A side benefit is that when you have navigated through the issues that drain your life, you are able to be intentional in the moments of your life and with the relationships in your life that you hold in high value.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom


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